Best Hairstyle Apps for Android

Choosing a hairstyle can sometimes be stressing, and for some, regretting. Once you cut it, you won’t get it back, or at least not in a few months.

Hairstyle apps for Android have been around for quite a while, they are very convenient to use since you already have your photos in your phone. Just wanna change your hairstyle for a single photo? No problem. Want to try on hairstyles? They got you covered.


But choosing the right app and hairstyle can be a lot similar, they can either satisfy you, or plain annoy you. 

Don’t worry though! Cause we collected all the good stuff for you. These apps are the highest rated virtual hairstyle apps in Google Play.  FREE hairstyle apps for android for long hair, medium length and men’s haircut (some even paired with beards, mustaches and even tattoos!) that lets you try on hairstyles directly on your face. For both ladies and gents out there. Scroll down and find the one that fits you. Enjoy!


9 Best Hairstyle App for Android


  1. Men Hairstyles Changer

By: App Innovation Star

This app is 100% Free. Just open your photo, choose the hairstyle and adjust by rotating, scaling, zoom in or out and drag. The app has 200+ hairstyle stickers that you can choose from. And a wide variety of styles too. From basics to modern they have it in store. You can also adjust photo settings like brightness, contrast, blur, etc. to make it more natural.


Download it here: Men Hairstyles Changer


  1. Man HairStyle Photo Editor

By: Astone Martine

This hairstyle editor has advanced sizing and fitting options, you can precisely adjust your chosen hairstyle to perfectly fit the head. A lot of hairstyles are also available in different colors. Easy to use and 100% Free. Try specially designed hairs and mustaches easily.There is a wide collection of them available in HD fit for any face.


Download it here: Man HairStyle Photo Editor



By: Devkrushna Infotech

This is an easy-to-use hairstyle app that lets you adjust your hair, mustache and beard to fit perfectly to your face. A wide collection of trendy men’s hairstyles is available 100% FREE. You can throw in effects and other stuff like tattoos, turban, goggles, sunglasses, etc,. Spice the photo up with some effects if you want, save it and share with your friends.


Download it here: Man Hairstyle Photo Editor


  1. Man Hair Mustache Style PRO : Boy Photo Editor

By: Appwallet Technologies

The app lets you add stylish and natural looking hair. Throw in some effects, objects like caps, sunglasses and even tattoos. It’s a good option to try before an actual haircut since it’s very realistic. Choose your photo from your gallery or capture from the camera, choose your hairstyle and add in other objects and effects. It has a simple and easy-to-use function which makes it easy to navigate for beginners.


Download it here: Man Hair Mustache Style PRO : Boy Photo Editor


  1. Man HairStyle Photo Editor

By: Tpeaz Apps Inc.

There’s a lot more in this application than just hairstyles. Ever imagined yourself with a 6-pack or even 8-pack abs? You can do it here in this app! Add a chest and tattooed as well to complete that bad boy look. The app has 400+ stickers for hairstyles and other objects. You won’t just try a hairstyle, you can try an all-over outfit and look. There are also photo editing effects to make the look more natural. This app is 100% FREE so you can try on unlimited styles.


Download it here: Man HairStyle Photo Editor


  1. Smarty : Man editor app & background changer

By: Appwallet Technologies

This is another all in one photo editor. Choose from a variety of hairstyles, throw in a hat, mustache/beard and even blings! beautify and add effects and filters. You’ll be surprised by the amount of things you can do in this app. 


Download it here:

Smarty : Man editor app & background changer


  1. : Man Hair style ,mustache ,suit


By: Appwallet Technologies

This app offers a wide variety of stylish and natural-looking hairstyles, mustaches and beards. You can beautify your photo, add in objects and adjust them smoothly in the app. The stickers are well organized and the app in general has a clean, simple interface. You can look like a model with the different styles and accessories you can throw in. You can try different hairstyles from short, medium to long haircuts, they’re all in the app!


Download it here: Man Photo Editor : Man Hair style ,mustache ,suit


  1. Hair Style Changer Editor

By: AppZone2017

This editor is made for ladies who want to try on different hairstyles before going through an actual haircut. Women would love this app since they tend to be very conscious with appearance, especially with their hair. 


Download it here: Hair Style Changer Editor


  1. Hairfit – k-pop hairstyle simulator

By: Virtualive

If you love K-pop, you will absolutely love this app. Instantly look like your favorite K-pop artists with these natural and Asian-looking hairstyles. Navigation is easy and you can adjust the hair and beautifully position it on your head. The app is made for both men and women and the team always adds on new hairstyles to their collection. One of the most enjoyable apps on the list, some users just want to use the app and not really get a haircut just because it’s that fun!


Download it here: Hairfit – k-pop hairstyle simulator


All of these apps are very helpful to see if the hairstyles match your style or if you want to try something new. One important advice we can share when using the apps is to always make sure that your environment/background matches the quality of the hair/objects that you want to use. That way, you can make the transitions smoothly and make it more natural, and even look professional.


Did you find the perfect hairstyling app for you on this list? Do you know any other Android apps that can do the job?


Let us know in the comments..

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