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Spark is a popular email client over on the iOS side of the world. As an Android user, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s because the email app only moved to Android this year. While it did take its sweet time coming over, it arrived right in time to replace the Inbox app by Google. Right around the time Google axed the beloved Inbox app, Spark for Android was released. It couldn’t have a better timing because the best of all its features is that it is a great if not the perfect Inbox alternative. Now you can also enable dark mode on Spark for Android.

The Inbox alternative

Spark is an app by Readdle who makes some really amazing iOS apps, some of which I do use myself. The quality and detail in design, features, and functionality is very consistent among their apps. Spark for Android is no different. It’s not the most customizable email client, not the most feature-packed, neither is it the simplest email app to use. Yet, Spark strikes an almost perfect balance of all the three. It offers enough customizations that make the app work as you want, while still maintaining the simplicity and intuitiveness of Inbox.

From customizable gestures to buttons and actions that appear when you open an email, Spark lets you choose your own way. Meanwhile, the smart Inbox feature keeps all the unnecessary clutter away.

The new update to Spark brings a dark mode that is actually not completely disabled by default. However, you might never know about it if you are using anything below Android 10. By default, the app is set to change from light to dark theme based on the default system theme. Anything below Android 10 doesn’t have a system-wide dark mode feature. Not unless you hack or mod it in some way. You can still manually enable the dark mode on Spark for Android.

Enable Dark Mode on Spark for Android

  1. Launch Spark for Android.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top-left.
  3. Select Settings at the bottom of the menu drawer. Spark for Android - Inbox Alternative
  4. Select the Themes option.
  5. You’ll see the System default is the default selected option but there are other options as well.
  6. Select Dark theme and you’ll see the interface turn dark immediately. Spark dark mode

Something else you may or may not notice is how smooth this transition from light to a dark theme (or vice versa) is. Usually, the switch in other apps is not this smooth, although it’s not bad either. These are small details that make the experience remarkably better. The new dark mode not only is easier on the eyes, if you read emails at night, it is also battery friendly. Moreover, in the Themes section, there’s also a toggle to enable the Dark mode in HTML emails. This is again a small detail impacting the experience in a big way.

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