How to Report Malicious Android Apps

Thanks to the recent spike in case of apps being found infected with viruses or malware, privacy concerns are at an all-time high. And why shouldn’t it be? Ultimately it is the users who have to brunt the consequences of all this. So, if you find any app with malicious intent, it is a safe bet to let Google know about this it. The only issue is that most of the users aren’t even aware of the fact that there exists a platform for the same. Just follow the instructions given here and you could easily report any malicious Android app to the Silicon Valley giants. If you still don’t have much idea regarding the various security issues concerning your Android device, do check our article covering all aspects of malware on Android.

Report Malicious Android Apps

If you landed this page looking for a solution for some Google Play Store app issue, head our tutorial explaing fixes for various Play Store issues. There are two ways by which you could report any malicious apps to Google. The first one is via Play Store and the second one involves the use of the Play Store Help Centre website. The former method is probably a much easier and handy option. But the options are limited. As for the second option, you will have many more options to chose from, but the method is somewhat lengthy. Both are described in detail below.

1. Report Apps via Play Store

  1. Open Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Search for the app that you want to report over to Google.
  3. Now, tap on three vertical dots present at the top right and select Flag as inappropriate.
    flag malicious app
  4. To report the malicious app, you will have to choose a reason. You will have seven options to chose from, like Graphic Violence, Abusive content, etc.
  5. Select the appropriate reason. If you want to report for suspected malicious intent, then, unfortunately, there is no direct reason listed as such. So, you may have to select the Other objection option.
    malicious app reason
  6. Once you made the selection, tap on SUBMIT. Now you will get the option to describe your problem. Try to explain in as much detail as possible. After describing your issue, tap on OK.Describe malicious app
  7. With this, you have successfully reported your issue against the said malicious app to Google. If it finds substantial evidence behind your claim, you may receive a positive response from their end. This might take quite some time. Moreover, as mentioned before, you could even submit your issue online, with much more options to chose from. Instructions for the same are given below.

While you are submitting issues over to Google, make sure you don’t have to go through all this in the first place again. For that make sure to protect your Android device from malware.

2. Use the Google Play Help Centre Website

  1. Open the Google Play Store Help Centre Website.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom until you reach the Help by product type.
  3. Under it, select the Google Play Store option.
    play store help
  4. Next, under Fix an issue section, click on Report Content issue or violations. This is where we would be reporting the malicious app over to Google.
    fix issue
  5. Under Flag Apps, Games, or Music as Inappropriate, select the Apps and game option.
  6. Now click on Report Inappropriate Apps Form.
    malicious app form
  7. Now, to report the malicious app, you have to select your reason from the list. Chose Harmful to device or data option from the list (this option, for some reason, was missing in the first method).
    reasons for reporting
  8. If you wish you may further elaborate on your issue in the provided box.
  9. In the next question, you need to mention whether the app is still available on the Play Store or not. Reply accordingly.
  10. Finally, enter your name and email address and click Submit.
    submit form
  11. That’s it you have successfully registered your complaint against the app over to Google.

So these were the two methods of reporting malicious Android apps to Google. It doesn’t matter whether you have sent your issue via Play Store or the Help Centre Website. If Google finds a stronghold in your claim, it will definitely take actions accordingly.

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