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Many like the near-stock Android approach taken by OnePlus with OxygenOS. However, it is still not quite a stock Android ROM with added features. OxygenOS looks a bit different and does not really follow the material design guidelines. Some of you may like that and some of you probably prefer the stock Android look instead. I tend to fall in the latter group, and fortunately for us, so does XDA Senior Member tych_tych. He has created a new substratum theme called Out Of Oxygen, specifically for OxygenOS. The aim is to provide a Pixel theme for OxygenOS.


OxygenOS Apps & Features That’ll Get The Pixel Theme

In the developer’s own words, “Out of Oxygen is a substratum theme which tries to achieve a more Pixel-like experience for OxygenOS by changing icons and other visual things.” For the most part, this Pixel theme for OxygenOS is able to achieve that goal. There are already some great substratum-based Pixel themes that do work with OxygenOS. However, none of them are made specifically for OxygenOS. Out Of Oxygen not only applies the Pixel theme to the Settings app, the quick settings panel, etc. but also various aspects of the OnePlus launcher. Here’s a full list of OxygenOS apps and features that get the Pixel theme treatment.

  • SystemUI
    • Quick settings
    • Power menu
    • Ambient Display
    • Lockscreen
    • Volume panel
    • Ringer slider
    • In-display fingerprint icon
  • Statusbar
    • Pie icons for consistency with the battery icon
    • Android Q icons coming soon
    • Option to hide network indicators (small arrows)
  • SystemUI Header
    • Option to hide data of “x” icon
    • Option to hide roaming icon
  • Android System
    • Corner radius
    • Power menu
    • Some quick settings icons
  • OnePlus Launcher
    • Quick menu
    • Settings
    • Multiple icons
    • Shelf
    • Recents screen
  • Settings
  • Google App
  • OnePlus screen recorder
  • WhatsApp
    • Notification icon
    • Some minor icon tweaks
  • Telegram X

Install Substratum

Out Of Oxygen is a substratum theme which means you need to have the substratum app installed. Substratum now has support for Android 10 as well, as long as you’re rooted with Magisk. If your device is rooted and runs OxygenOS 9 or above, you can simply install the Substratum or Substratum Lite app from the Play Store.

Install Out Of Oxygen Pixel Theme For OxygenOS

  1. Download the Out Of Oxygen substratum theme APK.
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Open the Substratum app and select the theme.
  4. Select the Android version and other available options.
  5. When ready, tap on the floating button at the bottom and select Build & Install.
  6. Reboot your device when the overlays are installed.
  7. Open substratum again and go to the Manage tab.
  8. Select the installed Out Of Oxygen overlays and enable them.

The systemUI will restart once the overlays are enabled. The next thing you should see is that your OxygenOS has a Pixel theme. It is but a substratum theme and not a ROM itself, so there are limitations of course. However, you can make your device even more like a Pixel by following our tutorial.

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