Should You Buy the Realme Buds Air?

Realme is on a product launching streak at the moment. The company launched the Realme X2 alongside the Realme Buds Air in India on December 17. The truly wireless earbuds are almost identical to Apple’s AirPods which cost around Rs. 15,000 in the country. On the other hand, the newly launched Realme Buds Air are priced at just Rs. 3,999.

Most tech enthusiasts who were awaiting the launch expected the Buds Air to be priced around five thousand rupees. Thus, if you’re in the market looking for truly wireless earphones, then the Buds Air should be on your radar. Moreover, we’ll help you decide whether or not the Buds Air are worth the price and should you buy the Realme Buds Air or not. To get things started, we’ll first talk about the actual specifications of these truly wireless earphones.

Realme Buds Air Specifications

Realme Buds Air dimensions

The pair of truly wireless earphones come with the R1 Headphone Chips which is a tad similar to the W1 chips on AirPods. And the Realme Buds Air have super low latency thanks to the R1 chip inside. Additionally, users can use the touch to control features on the Buds Air.

Double tapping will play or pause the media or it can also be used to answer a call. A triple tap will skip to the next song. Pressing and holding one side will bring up the voice assistant or will end an ongoing call. Additionally, the wireless earphones also have ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation Technology). Therefore, you’ll be able to make calls without much background noise bleeding in.

Of course, dual mics are present on the earphones as well. The Realme Buds Air come with Bluetooth 5.0 support alongside Google Fast Pair Technology. Thus, the earphones would connect to your device seamlessly. The company claims that the Buds Air have a Bluetooth range of 10 meters.

You can charge the wireless earphones in the case using wireless chargers or even via a Type-C cable. The battery life is relatively lower than some other truly wireless earphones in the price. At just around 3 hours of playback time on a single charge, you will have to put them back in the case to charge often. The case can charge the Buds Air around 4-5 times before you have to plug it in as well.

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Overall sound quality

Buds Air Sound and Microphone

Thanks to the 12mm drivers on these truly wireless earphones, the sound quality is great, especially when compared to other budget-friendly truly wireless earphones at the price. Those users who love listening to music that has a lot of bass would enjoy these wireless earphones. This is because of the ‘Dynamic Bass Boost’ solution that the company is using to improve the overall sound quality and richness of bass on the Buds Air.

As we mentioned above, the Buds Air have a super low latency mode while the company calls ‘Gaming Mode’. This drastically reduces the latency hence gamers will benefit since there will be little to no delay in the audio. Although, this will also come in handy when watching movies or videos to avoid audio and video sync issues.

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At just Rs. 3,999 or under $60, the Realme Buds Air have little to no competition when it comes to the features it has to offer. While some might be put off with the blatant Apple AirPods design rip-off, this might be a bonus to others. Moreover, the Buds Air come in three color options. Black, White, and Yellow. Thus, you can go with the black or yellow color earphones to avoid getting the AirPods clone remarks.

Nevertheless, we can easily recommend the Realme Buds Air to anyone looking out for a budget pair of wireless earphones. Although, these might not be the best wireless earbuds to take to the gym as Realme hasn’t specified any water-resistant rating. Thus, we’d suggest keeping the Buds Air away from liquids whenever possible. So to answer the question — Should you buy the Realme Buds Air? It’s a yes from us.

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