September 21, 2019

Growth of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in the UK is all the rage for Brits. Recent research confirmed this statement by announcing that UK has witnessed around 6,900 personal loans worth a collective £60.2 million since the beginning of 2007. All these loans were obtained by those who wanted to undergo one or the other dental treatments.

Though, dentists or in the realm of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is relatively a new branch of study, it is spreading like a fire in UK and has become more of a fashion statement than a genuine medical need.

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that aims to improve a patient’s facial appearance through dentistry. It endeavors to improve the smile and therefore boost the patient’s personality. It is best described as a kind of treatment that can fetch you that “Hollywood smile”. In broad terms, this type of treatment involves veneers, bridges, crowns, teeth-colored fillings, implants and teeth-whitening.

According to the new study, 2,450 of the loans in question had been taken out to pay entirely for dental work, while 4,450 were used to partially fund it. On average, the amount taken out to invest in a pearly white smile was found to be £6,492 – the total cost of two dental implants, two crowns and a tooth whitening session at a reasonably-priced establishment.

People go for the cosmetic dentistry for various reasons ranging from a genuine medical need to get rid of weak or decayed teeth to a desire of complete smile makeover. In the past it was often said that Brits had “bad teeth” as patients often felt that desiring an improved appearance was vanity.

However cosmetic dentistry has become quite popular in Britain as patients get influenced by make-over treatments and are told that they should look good. The changing social norms are making many uncomfortable with their broken, crooked or discolored teeth. Luckily, cosmetic dentists are now able to provide patients with the ability to smile confidently. If you feel uncomfortable with your smile, then cosmetic dentistry is the safest and surest way to enhance your confidence and to give you the very pleasant experience of laughing openly and smiling heartily!

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