September 21, 2019

4 Reasons Why Homeopathy Works

Since the art and science of Homeopathy came into being over 200 years ago, there has been fierce opposition against Homeopathy by the rational scientific allopathic medical industry, claiming that they can’t find any scientific bases to explain why Homeopathy works. In this article I’m going to list their objections to Homeopathy and counter those objections in order to explain how and why Homeopathy does indeed work.

Objections to Homeopathy:

1. There is no way that Homeopathic remedies can have a medicinal effect because there is no measurable substance in the remedies.

2. There is no scientific research which proves these remedies have any effect on people.

3. There is no way that a substance producing similar symptoms can be curative and in fact can only serve to make a person sicker.

4. There is no proof that Homeopathic Treatment has cured anyone of any disease or condition.


1. It is true that Homeopathic remedies contain no measurable substance. However, it doesn’t take any huge leap of mind to accept that scientific instruments are limited in their capacity to measure just as the human eye is limited in it’s capacity to see in a narrow light spectrum. Homeopathy sees that disease begins beyond the perceivable spectrum as a mistunemnent in the vital force and that the measurable symptoms are the results and not the cause. This reins true for bacteria and viruses as well. There always exists a susceptibility at the vital level first. Through the process of diluting and succsussing a substance, it is possible to activate the vital essence of that substance in a way that it effects the vital force of the person.

2. It is not true that there is no scientific proof that Homeopathic remedies have any effect. Homeopathy was using double blind studies on remedies long before the scientific method had even reached the allopaths. Each remedy is tested on groups of people. Some get the remedy and others do not. Neither the subject nor the manager knows what the remedy is. The subjects record their mental, emotional, and physical symptoms for a month after taking the remedy. The managers probe this data and then send it to compilers. The compilers pick out what symptoms are common among the subjects and organize it so it can be studied and put into our meteria medica and repertories. The fact that these remedies produces consistent symptoms among the subjects is scientific proof that these remedies, which have no substance in them, do in fact have an effect.

3. The claim the similar symptoms can have no curative effect is so easy to debunk that you can do it yourself. The next time you get a minor stove burn, put some Grey Poupon spicy mustard on the burn and see what happens. The similar burn quality of the mustard presents a similar mirror image of the stove burn to your vital force. By the law that attention can only be placed in one place at a time, your vital force will shift it’s attention to the mustard sensation and forget it’s own stove burn sensation. In addition your vital force will generate a healing reaction to overcome the burning of the mustard which in turn will overcome the burn of the stove. Go on and prove it to yourself, I dare you! I will elaborate further on the law of similar and attention. If you ever see someone who is suffering from debilitating grief and you present another person to this person who can appear to suffer a similar grief, the first person will shift her attention to the second person and offer support. She then forgets her own grief symptoms and her own vital force will rise to help heal the other person’s grief thereby healing herself (grief support groups). Amazing! It’s just a natural law.

4. The claim that there is no proof that Homeopathy has ever cured anyone is another false and unscientific premise. Science has countless amounts of empirical evidence that people who receive Homeopathic treatment did improve because their test numbers return to normal, growths shrink, inflammations reduce, and functions return. These are often incurable cases according to them and yet they unscientifically conclude that it was just some spontaneous remission. Further, the allopaths always want to do their comparison tests on Homeopathy by defining the test as a single remedy treating a specific condition. So therefore, they would want every test case of arthritis treated with rhus-tox and then compared with their anti inflammatories. When challenged to define the tests in terms of treating the subjects with Homeopathy vs. allopathy, the allopaths often run for the hills. However, now some allopaths have accepted the challenge and have discovered that indeed, those receiving Homeopathic treatment via, remedies which fit each individual, improvement rates are higher for Homeopathy. In a proper test, the Homeopath takes each individual case and gives the remedy which fits that case, so if you have 50 people suffering arthritis, 50 different remedies could have been used in the test.

I hope this little diatribe of mine help you to see that charges against Homeopathy may not be quite so scientifically motivated and that there is plenty of scientific evidence as to why Homeopathy does indeed help many people world wide who suffer for disease. As my final statement of proof that Homeopathy does indeed work, I charge that Homeopathy has survived for over 200 years in a hostile and often malicious environment opposed to all the might and wealth of the medical monopolies because the millions of people who use it know that it is working and don’t need self appointed self aggrandizing experts telling them what is real and what isn’t.

All statements here are not claims to cure or treat any disease, provide any health benefit, are for educational and thoughtful purposes only, and are not medical advice. If you need medical advice, please seek a qualified health care provider.

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