September 21, 2019

Homeopathy – The New Treatment Process

One of the most popular branches of alternative medicine is Homeopathy. It is considered as the contemporary science of treatment that heals from within. The term ‘Homios’ that means alike and ‘Pathos’ means suffering has been a derivative from the ancient Greek language. Being the oldest alternative form of medicine, it has originated in the far flung country of Germany, almost 207 years ago.

Some of the medicines of homeopathy that have been made with plant extracts are quinine, Belladonna and so on. Homeopathy medicines are very effective result wise and have been claimed so far as the safest means of alternative medicines. It is proven fact that synthetic or allopath medicines are having some side-effects but with homeopathy, the risk is minimum. This is because of the fact that the key ingredients in homeopathy are used in small proportions that eliminates the chance of any side-effects.

The prime role of a homeopath practitioner includes analyzing the complete case of the patient, along with noting down as well as understanding history and details of the symptoms. Then he works towards selecting a proper treatment program for the patient that would suit best. Sometimes we may find some cases where a particular symptom or disease pops up with the application of this medication process. But this is nothing but the preliminary reaction of the homeopathy medicines and is even considered as the first step towards accomplishment. By and large, the medication as well as the principles of homeopathy is possibly the finest treatment methods one can ask for.

The principles on which homeopathy works are as follows:-

• Every homeopathy treatment starts with a little reaction but not to worry this is a very prominent part of the process and is even looked upon by its practitioners as a positive sign.
• Homeopathy does not take anything for granted. In order to achieve the desired results, homeopaths study the symptoms of the disease along with the medical history of the concerned patient.
• All the treatment procedures in homeopathy are designed uniquely for individuals.
• A similar symptom with different medicinal reaction is also seen in homeopathy.
• The main aim of this alternative medication system is to take out the disease from the very root. Suppressing or controlling the disease is not supported by homeopathy.
• Homeopaths also put special emphasis on a patient’s diet. Under the treatment procedures, intake of coffee, raw onions, camphor and others are been restricted. The effects of homeopathy medicines get engrossed by your tongue directly.
Now comes the law of homeopathy: –
• Similar law- Being the core law of homeopathy, this says that the treatment process for different patients has to be different or individualized. Medicinal composition for two people having similar health issues can be similar. This point on the fact that for similar symptoms between two people, reactions may highly differ.
• Cure with a single medicine- Unlike in other form of allopath or synthetic medication system, homeopaths prescribe the patients at a time with just a single remedy. That means one does not need to take several medicines at one go. Moreover, the patient’s constitution determines the strength and dosage of homeopathy medicines.
• Least dosage- In case of homeopathy, a single dosage is enough to achieve the desired results on the symptoms of a disease. This is because these medicines are very concentrated and strong in its raw form. So homeopathy medicines are always diluted with ethyl or with water before prescribing them to the concerned patients.

In the science of homeopathy, health is not merely perceived as the absence of ailments in the human body but instead your health should be an expression of well being and vitality. More and more medical professionals all over the world are becoming aware of the drawbacks of synthetic medicine resulting in the popularity of homeopathy.

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