September 21, 2019

New Age Medical Treatments

A glance through the papers or brochures will expose you to dozens of new age medical treatments making promises to reduce your stress, blood pressure, illnesses, allergies, or even cure cancers.

They place the words new age in front or near the treatment explanation as if it this makes it more effective in the customers minds. Here are some examples of what I mean.

Ionic foot bath removes antitoxins from your body

By claiming the process was invented in ancient China, suddenly it becomes a new age treatment. Few people stop and think how the ancient races used electricity to generate ion currents or why they would use it for foot baths.

This is being claimed as medical treatment, when the company that designed it is unable to produce any evidence of its ability to do what was promised. In fact, they have been subject to legal action for misleading customers.

The foot bath water changes colors for many reasons, but none are them due to the absorption of antitoxins from your body.

The same goes for the foot pads

Advertising claims that these foot pads were used by ancient Chinese people to fix their bodies. No records of any kind are attributable to this practice, but it doesn’t stop the people promoting these to add ‘new age’ or ‘ancient history’ to boost credibility to mislead the customer.

What are New Age treatments anyway?

We use Aspirin to treat many illnesses and the basis for this comes from its use from centuries ago, can we claim this as a new age treatment?

Who makes the decision on what is allowed to be labelled a new age treatment, as it is clear that self regulation is not working.

Shouldn’t we want modern treatments ahead of new age?

With the dodgy practices of adding lead, arsenic and other dangerous ingredients used in treating people in the past, why do we want this type of treatment to come back?

It becomes clear when you compare a modern cold and flu tablet to a mustard poultice, or eye of newt new age treatment. Most people will prefer to use what works.

With the rise of legal compensation, a business practicing alternative health treatments has to be able to provide evidence to substantiate their claims. No longer will they be able to say “This treatment was used in ancient history and worked back then.”

Scientific reports and studies will need to be reviewed to justify any claims of reduced blood pressure or removed antitoxins from your body.

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