5 Best Drawing Apps for Android to Try in 2020

There are dozens of drawing apps available in the Play Store and not all these apps are created equally. To help you pick the best drawing app based on your preference, we’ve created a list of the top 5 drawing apps for Android. Some apps on the list are targeted towards professionals while others can be used by beginners as well. Thus, you can pick the best app for your needs without being confused by a bunch of options.

This list is in no particular order which is why we suggest checking out all the apps before making your choice. You would have a better experience if you use these apps on an Android tablet. However, all the apps work just as good on mobile phones. In case you’re also looking out for image editing apps, check out these best photo editors for Android.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw sketches

There’s no doubt Adobe has some of the best tools and apps for creators. There are two apps from Adobe — Adobe Illustrator Draw and Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Both apps are equally good, however, we’d suggest checking out Illustrator Draw. The app has five different pen tips to choose from and you can adjust the size size of them too. Another useful feature is that the app lets you zoom in up to 64x. Thus, you can add small details to your sketches or drawings. Thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud integration, you can even export your drawings to the desktop. And you can continue working on your drawing or tweaking it via other Adobe apps. Although, you would have to subscribe to Creative Cloud which is fairly pricey.

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SketchBook drawing app

This is arguably the best alternative to Illustrator Draw on Android. SketchBook from Autodesk has a bunch of useful features that make it stand out. There are ten brushes or tips to choose from and you can customize each brush based on your need. The app even lets you zoom in 2500%. Therefore, you can add the tiniest of details to your sketches or drawings. It even has some of the most useful tools for drawing apps for Android. This includes the Symmetry tool, Perspective guide and more. This application can be used for professional work as well if you know what you’re doing. Moreover, the app is absolutely free to use and you don’t have to pay to unlock features.


Dotpic pixel sketches

Here’s one of the coolest drawing apps for Android. Unlike most drawing apps that focus on fine detail, Dotpict lets you create cool pixilated sketches on your phone. The application is fairly easy to use and you can create pixel art within no time. You have a basic grid to work in and you simply need to fill each pixel block/grid with color to create your drawing. Additionally, the pen tip isn’t hidden with your finger so you can see the exact spot you want to fill color in. The app even auto-saves all your work and allows you to share your creations easily.

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ArtFlow drawing app

If you’re looking for professional drawing apps for Android, then ArtFlow is an app you must download. There are over 80 brushes you can choose from. ArtFlow does have stylus pressure support which means you would be able to sensitive pens like the S-Pen to draw. Another feature that takes the experience to the next level is that you can add custom brushes by importing images. This is a feature no other app on the list offers. Other useful features include — 10 layer filters, layer clipping mask, NVIDIA DirectStylus support and more. ArtFlow also lets you import and export Photoshop Documents (PSD). However, most of the features we have mentioned are available only in the licensed version of the app. Nonetheless, ArtFlow is easily one of the best professional drawing apps for Android and is worth the price.


PenUp drawing app

Samsung’s SNS based drawing sharing app lets you create stunning artwork and share it with others around the world. The app isn’t as feature-rich as some other apps on the list. However, it’s perfect for those looking out for casual drawing apps for Android. Apart from creating your artwork from scratch, you can even color other pre-made sketches. Thus, you can even let your kids color sketches on your phone. PenUp also lets you learn how to draw by following videos. It’s one of the best drawing apps for Android to try out.

These are our top 5 picks for the best drawings apps for Android. You should also check out Just a Line AR-based app to draw in the real world with your friends. It’s an excellent augmented reality application. Nevertheless, let us know which drawing app would you use from the list.

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