5 Best Fighting Games for Android to Play on The Go

Fighting games have been very popular even before everyone had a personal video game at home. They continue to be popular even now. DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us has proven that they can still make for great AAA titles on PCs and Consoles. One of the coolest things about fighting games is getting to press a whole lot of buttons really quickly. When it comes to Android devices, controls are touch-based. For a while, fighting games have tried to emulate buttons and the experience was bad. But some of the best fighting games for Android today have found better touch-based controls.

That’s not so true for our pick of the fighting game, Shadow Fight 3, but it still stands tall.

Shadow Fight 3 – Best Fighting Game for Android

Shadow Fight 3 is the third iteration as the name suggests, of the original game called Shadow Fight. While that game is still pretty dope, the existence of Shadow Fight 3 means it won’t get as much attention. What made Shadow Fight was its use of flat, 2D character models that had no details whatsoever. These were like silhouettes, or shadows if you will. Shadow Fight 3 finally makes these characters look more real, alive, and different. The other unique elements of the game are still here.

You get the best fighting animations out of any Android game here. They’re smooth, elastic and just so much fun to execute. Not only is the game gritty and realistic now but you also get new styles of battle—you can fight like a blade-equipped knight, a tactical ninja, or a master of dark energy. There are a variety of online and offline game modes and you can still upgrade your character. Not to mention, this new focus on visuals leads to the game looking so beautiful. Just the way lights and shadows have been used, on a mobile game at that, is nothing short of impressive.

Other Great Fighting Games On Android Worth Mentioning

Of course, with so many unique and different choices out there calling out one of them, the best is Injustice to others. Because there are still some great fighting games for Android that can give Shadow Fight 3 a run for its money anytime. One of them comes from the same developers as well. Check out the best Android games mentioned below.

1. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 - Best Fighting Games on Android

Sure, Shadow Fight 3 is out, it is bigger, it is bolder, it is more beautiful, but Shadow Fight 2 is simpler. Shadow Fight 2 retains the classic look of the Shadow fighting game and builds on a unique identity. If you saw someone playing Shadow Fight 2 on a bus, the game is instantly recognizable for the choice of its visuals. Thanks to the dark, silhouette and mystic game design, it still looks beautiful despite being straight out of 2013.

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The animations are still super smooth, amazing to execute, and challenging as well. You have to know exactly when to make a move and when to sit back. Shadow Fight has been one of the most challenging fighting games we’ve played on Android. This one takes the fun and the difficulty up a notch.

2. Mortal Combat

Mortal Kombat is one of the very first fighting game titles that introduced a new touch-based control system instead of simply drawing buttons on the screen. The controls are pretty easy to understand as well. You have to swipe to fight, or sometimes tap and that’s all. There are no translucent buttons that require you to press exactly that spot. Nobody should need any introduction to the Mortal Kombat universe.

The game has been as popular as a fighting game can be since its original release in 1992. The Android version from Mortal Kombat 11 for console and builds upon them in an epic and gory mobile fighting adventure. It features iconic fighters, like Sub Zero, Scorpion, Cassie Cage, and more.

3. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball has had a plethora of fighting games on all kinds of consoles, for PC, and even Android. Dragon Ball Legend is one of the better ones and if you’re into the franchise, the best. This is an Android adaptation or is at least very similar in its 3D fighting style to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series for consoles and PC. The game does have its own unique twists and there is an RPG element to it as well.

You can play as your favorite heroes such as Goku and Gohan, or baddies like Broly and Frieza. Dragon Ball Legends also features an original Saiyan character designed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama himself. The touch-based controls are simple and easy to learn.

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4. Injustice 2

Finally, the game I mentioned above in a very subtle yet not subtle way, Injustice, or Injustice 2 rather. This Android fighting game is based on the super-popular Injustice 2 title for consoles and PC just like the original one was based on the original Injustice game for consoles and PC. That previous title was basically a re-skinned version of Mortal Kombat for Android with a different story, cut scenes, etc.

Injustice 2, builds upon that and Mortal Kombat itself. It even brings in the iconic Mortal Kombat characters. It’s a lot like Marvel vs Capcom from all those years ago but a whole lot better. You can fight as Batman, Superman, Wonder woman and more or, you can be Sub Zero or some other Mortal Kombat character.

5. Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions - Best Fighting Games On Android

If you’ve wanted something like Injustice but set in the Marvel Universe, Marvel Contest Of Champions is perfect for you. In this game, your favorite Marvel characters take part in an intergalactic tournament. The end result is a fierce fighting game featuring even the most powerful Marvel characters duking it out. The controls in the game are intuitive and designed for touch screens.

The game isn’t all brawn and no brain, however. You will be collecting upgrades and have to carefully manage your team of fighters in order to have the best chance of winning. This applies for both single-player and online modes, yes, there is an online mode.  If you’re fans of fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and Street Fighter, you’ll definitely love it.

So that was our list of the best fighting games on Android. We’ve tried to include games that are free to play so you may find something like the Street Fighter IV CE missing. But if you think something should be up here, let us know in the comments.

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