Call of Duty: Mobile Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Call of Duty: Mobile was launched globally a couple of weeks ago. The game has already amassed over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Like any other game, there are a few tips and tricks for Call of Duty: Mobile that you absolutely must know to have a better gaming experience. By using the following tips, you can get better at Call of Duty multiplayer game.

The new mobile FPS/Battle Royale game brings a ton of features and elements which can elevate the way you play. Knowing these cool tips would allow you to improve the game’s performance on your device. It can even help you outmaneuver your enemies. Without any further ado, let’s check out some Call of Duty: Mobile tips and tricks to get you ahead in the game.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Tips and Tricks

Customize the controls

call of duty game controls

What could be better than starting our Call of Duty: Mobile tips article with the game controls? Most of you might have customized your controls in Call of Duty: Mobile already, however, some tend to play the game with the default layout. Customizing the layout of the controls would allow you to create a setup that works for you. It would also allow you to use the “claw” technique to play the game and improve your reaction speed.

To customize the controls in COD: Mobile, tap on the Settings icon which should be located at the top right of the screen. Select the Controls tab and tap on a Custom layout. Rearrange the on-screen controls in a way where you’re comfortable. You could check out the on-screen control layout via the screenshot above for reference.

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Escape enemy fire using the Ninja Grapple Gun

Ninja Grapple Hook

When you play the Battle Royale mode, you have the option to pick a special character class. If you somehow end with the Ninja character class, you could make good use of the Grapple Gun.

While the Grapple Gun isn’t an attack weapon, you could use it to get yourself out of a messy situation. Use the Grapple Gun on close buildings or ridges to escape enemy fire. This trick is most successful if you’re near buildings since you could quickly climb on top of a building to give yourself a few seconds to heal during a gunfight. This does not mean the other Character Class options aren’t useful.

Know what each Character Class has to offer

Character Class Option

Our next Call of Duty: Mobile tip relates to getting you familiar with its characters. Call of Duty: Mobile has 6 Character Classes to offer. All six are unique and offer you a special ability of sorts in the game. Knowing when to use the special ability of each character class is crucial. So let’s take a look at the six Character Classes in the game.

Scout: This character gives you the ability to see enemy footprints and judge the conditions nearby by using Sensor Darts. It means you would be alerted when an enemy is close by. You also have the tracker option which shows fresh enemy footsteps in infrared light.

Medic: The Medic class can be incredibly useful not only for you but for your entire team. It serves two functions, either choose to have your character heal about 25% faster or create a healing circle that would heal you and your teammates when standing in the circle.

Clown: Choosing the Clown class would allow you to throw a Zombie spawning device. Using this against enemies behind cover would be a wise decision. The device automatically self-destructs as well as killing or dealing damage to enemies within its range.

Mechanic: The Mechanic class is one you should consider before picking any other. You get the EMP Dronewhich disables enemy tech within the vicinity. It also highlights vehicles, hostile traps, and other equipment to help you outsmart the enemies.

Defender: This character class can help you come out alive even from an ambush attack. You could set up a Transform Shield instantly in case of a sudden attack in an open area. The shield stops bullets and would give you a few crucial seconds to heal and plan your retaliation strategy.

Ninja: As we mentioned in a tip above, the Ninja can help you escape from a gunfight or quickly grapple over to another safe location. The other great ability is Dead Silence. This boost allows you to suppress the noise of your footsteps which is useful if you’re planning to ambush an enemy from behind.

Now that you know what each Character Class does, pick your class wisely based on your preferred gameplay style.

Upgrade your weapons and abilities

Weapon Loadout

It’s easy to forget to upgrade your weapons and abilities by quickly jumping into a game. However, to have the best chance at winning a multiplayer mode game, upgrading your weapons is crucial. To begin upgrading your weapons and abilities tap on Loadout and then select the weapon. Select the Upgrade button visible at the bottom left corner of the screen.

You can upgrade weapons with three different Weapon XP Cards ⁠— Green, Blue, Purple. Upgrading a weapon would allow you to unlock attachment slots and add ons. Use these add ons such as an Extended mag, FMJ-AR, and others to have an edge over the enemy.

You can also add perks for your character. Perks unlock special skills and abilities. For example, the Fast Recover perk would increase the healing rate by 25%. Pick your perks wisely and once again do consider your playing style to use perks effectively.

Customize your Scorestreaks

call of duty scorestreaks setup

Using your scorestreaks in the multiplayer mode effectively can almost guaranty you a high scoring game if not a win. The default scorestreaks are the UAV, Drone, and Predator Missile. While they are all useful in their ways, you can choose from a set of other scorestreak rewards too.

To select and customize your scorestreaks, tap on the Scorestreaks option above the Loadout button. The higher your level in-game, the more scorestreaks you unlock. Here are all the score streams in the game and at what level you can unlock them.


  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV): Default.
  • Hunter Killer Drone: Default.
  • Predator Missile: Default.
  • Airdrop: Unlocks at Level 5.
  • Counter-UAV: Unlocks at Level 21.
  • SAM Turret: Unlocks at Level 31.
  • Sentry Gun: Unlocks at Level 38.
  • Stealth Chopper: Unlocks at Level 44.
  • VTOL Gunship: Unlocks at Level 54.

Keep in mind that you cannot combine multiple high-level scorestreaks hence we’d suggest matching your scorestreaks carefully and with consideration.

Crouch to slide when on the move

COD Mobile Character Sliding

Tapping the crouch button while running would make your character take a quick slide forward. This is especially useful to dodge enemy fire since the quick movement would allow you to duck behind cover or escape the path of the bullet. You could also fire your weapon when sliding which can be useful when trying to breach into a building.

Opt for higher frames over graphics

call of duty graphics settings

While it might seem tempting to enjoy the game at its highest graphics settings. It takes a toll on the FPS of the game. This can be noticed especially on devices with lower-powered chipsets. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the gameplay would be.

A smoother game would allow you to react quicker and have a better gaming experience overall. To change your graphics, here’s what you need to do.

Tap on the Settings icon located at the top right of the screen. Select the Audio and Graphics tab. If you’ve got a smartphone with either last year’s or the latest flagship such as the Snapdragon 845/855 or its Exynos/Kirin equivalents, you could choose High quality for graphics and select Max for the frame rate.

However, for devices with lower-powered processors, make sure to select the highest available Frame rate option even if it means you have to choose Low for Graphic Quality.

If, and only if you’ve got one of the latest devices with the Snapdragon 855 or 855+, then you could also enable the Ragdoll effect and Depth of field option to have an almost console-like gameplay experience. You might find this Call of Duty tip interesting.

Don’t forget to use throwables

Throwables Options in cod mobile

Throwables are key to winning the game. This goes for both ⁠— Multiplayer and Battle Royale game modes. Here are all the Lethal throwables in the game: Frag grenadeTrip MineSticky Grenade, Molotov Cocktail. The lethal throwables deal damage or even kill enemies instantly.

Tactical throwables help you get a tactical advantage over your enemies. Here are all the tactical throwables in the game: FlashbangSmoke GrenadeConcussion GrenadeEMP. There’s also a Trophy System that automatically destroys incoming explosives.

Take to the skies with the helicopter

The Battle Royale mode has several vehicles for players to use to travel around the map quickly. The fastest of them all is the Helicopter. You could use the helicopter to quickly get airborne and away from enemies or to land in the safe zone.

Make sure not to fly close to enemies since the chopper can be spotted and destroyed easily with rockets and guns. Fortunately, if you end up in a situation like that, simply jump out the chopper and glide to a safe spot to heal and make tactical decisions.

Glance at the minimap to locate enemies

Call of duty MiniMap Location

The minimap is incredibly useful to quickly get an idea about enemy movements or even their position when playing the Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode. When you or your teammates activate the UAV scorestreak in the Multiplayer mode, enemies would show up as red dots on the minimap. Use that information to attack the enemy with a frag grenade or by pre-firing.

Pre-fire at potential enemy locations

This is possibly the best thing to remember while playing the game. Unlike in PUBG Mobile where you cannot shoot through objects, you can shoot through certain objects and walls in Call of Duty: Mobile. If you have reason to believe an enemy is behind a wooden wall, pre-fire at the location.

Chances are that you might end up killing the camping enemy without having to engage in a gunfight. Bullets can penetrate through thin walls and objects hence always pre-fire at locations where you think the enemy is. Apart from shooting through walls, Pre-firing is an excellent strategy to deal damage to an enemy first who might be hiding around a corner.

If you’ve played PUBG or any other shooting game, you might already know the importance of pre-firing certain locations.

Following these few Call of Duty: Mobile tips would allow you to have an edge over the enemies. If you’ve got a few Call of Duty tricks up yourselves too, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out these 5 best high FPS games for Android devices.

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