Check Out These 3 Cool Flat Style Icon Packs for Android

If you’re someone who all in for customizing your Android phone, you’re in for a treat. We’ve rounded up 5 excellent flat style icon packs for Android. Icon packs help elevate your homescreen setup by a huge margin hence picking the perfect icon pack is crucial. Fortunately, over the years, we’ve seen some great looking icon packs make their way to the Play Store.

While there are a bunch of different icon styles, the flat style icon packs usually complement most wallpapers. And they even give off a minimalistic vibe to the entire setup. Therefore, to save you the trouble of downloading dozens of icon packs to try out, we’ve done the work for you. These three icon packs are unique in their own way and have one thing in common — a flat design. So without any further ado, let’s check out these cool icon packs.n


This cool flat style icon pack comes with almost five thousand icons. Therefore, you would have little to no unskinned icons since the pack covers most major apps. Elta’s icons are rounded squares and the flat style icon pack offers icon masking for unthemed icons. Therefore, no app will look out of place even when there isn’t a themed icon available for it. Elta supports almost all major homescreen launchers. It also comes with 20 wallpapers that complement the icons well.


Charcoal flat style icon pack

Here’s an icon pack that’s perfect for creating a minimalistic setup. Charcoal comes with over 1900 icons that have a uniformed circle shape. What makes the icon pack stand out is the simplicity of the icons as the icons make use of only two colors — Gray and White. Charcoal also supports icon masking, however, you can request for icons within the app itself. At present, the flat style icon pack comes with 12 wallpapers to compliment the icons. You can even search for icons within the icon pack app.

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Flat Circle

Flat circle icon pack

The Flat Circle icon pack is a personal favorite that I have to share. This incredible icon pack comes with over 2000 high-quality icons. The material theme colors look absolutely stunning especially when paired with the wallpapers included within the icon pack. Few apps even have alternative icons for you to switch the style. Flat Circle also has support for the dynamic calendar. Of course, all major launchers are supported as well. While the two other icon packs on the list are free to download, Flat Circle is a paid icon pack. However, thanks to the beautifully designed icons, we’d say it’s worth every penny.

These are the three flat style icon packs that you should consider using for your next homescreen setup. Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily the best flat-style icon packs out there. If you’re looking for more icon packs, check out these 4 amazing icon packs for Android.

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