Download Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers (2019)

Mac users have been waiting forever for a Mac Pro and a great monitor from Apple. This year, Apple did deliver although in a way not many expected. The new Mac Pro can easily cost more than your Tesla. But that’s not the only ultra-expensive thing to come out of Apple this year. Cupertino also unveiled the new Apple Pro Display XDR which is a monitor that costs $4999. Of course, it isn’t an ordinary monitor and Apple uses some really beautiful wallpapers to show off these displays. If you’ve been lusting after those, you can download Apple Pro Display XDR wallpapers from below. Do not forget to check out the macOS Catalina stock wallpapers as well.

Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers

One of the best features of the 6K display from Apple is that it can rotate vertically or horizontally. That makes it really easy to adapt it to whatever kind of work you’re doing. That’s why we also have the Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers in two orientations. The Pro Display XDR does not include these portrait sized wallpapers though. We have manually resized the Apple Pro Display XDR wallpapers to create these portrait-oriented wallpapers that are easier to apply on your smartphones.

The wallpapers in the landscape orientation have a resolution of 2,748 pixels x 1,536 pixels. The wallpapers in portrait orientation have a resolution of 1,400 pixels x 2,880  pixels. These resolutions are equivalent to 4.2 MP and 4.0 MP respectively. And yes, these are unfortunately not in the 6K resolution of the Apple Pro Display XDR. But unless you already have the Pro Display XDR, these wallpapers should look great on any other display that you may have, be it a smartphone or even the 5K iMac.

There are a total of 3 different Apple Pro Display XDR wallpapers but including the three resized portrait-oriented wallpapers you get 6. Apart from the one AMOLED friendly wallpaper featuring a red bird, the other two are abstract wallpapers. Neither of these wallpapers is particularly bright which is a little unusual from Apple.

You can take a look at the wallpapers below. However, keep in mind that these are compressed JEPGs and not the actual wallpapers. These also have a slightly different resolution than the original wallpapers. If you like what you see, you can download the original Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers from the download link provided below the gallery.

Download Apple Pro Display XDR Wallpapers

We have packed all the 6 Apple Pro Display XDR wallpapers in a single, easy-to-download zip file. To download the original, high-quality wallpapers click on the link below.

Apple Pro Display XDR

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Pro Display XDR

The Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch 6K Retina display which is a monitor, essentially, to the newly released Mac Pro. It is not designed for home users though but to compete with the Pro reference displays. That’s why it has a huge $4,999 price tag attached to it as well. With a display resolution of 6016 pixels x 3384 pixels, it packs in more than 20 million pixels and 40% more screen real estate compared to a 5K Retina display. The display features 10-bit and P3 wide color support. It is, after all, going after the Pro reference displays.

For those unaware, reference displays are designed to offer superior brightness, color accuracy, and contrast ratio for color grading and evaluation purposes when editing photos and videos. The display’s design is consistent with that of the Mac Pro with a metallic body and lattice pattern designs on the back. These “holes” help airflow and help minimize the weight of the display. While it is designed to be used with the Mac Pro, you can also use it with the 2018 or later MacBook Pro, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the 2019 iMac. The 2017 iMac Pro works too but only at 5K because it is not powerful enough to drive a 6K display.

While it is priced at $4,999, there is another version with a nano-texture coating to cut down on reflections which costs $5,999. This is without the Pro stand with costs as an additional $999. The Pro Display XDR has been available from Apple’s website since December 10th.

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