How to Download Instagram Lite APK in India

If you mostly use Instagram just for scrolling through feeds or your device is running short on storage space, then you may use the trimmed down version of Instagram. Known as Instagram Lite, the app consumes nearly five times less storage than its original version. Many apps, including its parent company, Facebook has for long provided the lite version of the Facebook app and Messenger apps. But whereas the lite version of these apps is expanding across the globe, the same isn’t the case with Instagram. If you want the lite version on Instagram is not available in your country, you can use the following trick to download Instagram Lite APK and use it in any country.

As of now, it is only available in selected few countries. Unfortunately, India isn’t one of them. But, we have found out an interesting workaround through which you could install Instagram Lite not only in India but in every country which doesn’t support this app. More importantly, we wouldn’t be using any proxy as well. Interested users may refer to the below instructions. Also, similar to Instagram Lite, you may now use Instagram Music in any country. Refer to our guide on getting the Instagram Music feature in any region.

Install Instagram Lite (APK) in any Country

In order to download Instagram Lite APK in your country, follow the steps mentioned below. It would hardly take a minute or two.

  1. On your Desktop or PC, open the Instagram Lite URL from the Play Store listings.
  2. Currently, it would show you that “This app is incompatible with all of your device“. Not an issue, just move on to the next step.
    instagram lite incompatible
  3. The URL bar would be having the following link:
  4. Remove hl=en& from the above Instagram Lite’s URL. The modified URL will now look like
  5. Copy this URL and head over to the APKPure website.
  6. Enter the copied URL in the provided box and click on the download icon.
  7. Finally, click on the Download APK button. Instagram Lite would be download within a few seconds. Once you have downloaded the Instagram Lite APK, transfer it onto your device and install it as you do for any normal APK file.
    download Instagram Lite

Although the above steps are carried out on a desktop, you may do the say from your smartphone as well. Simply copy the URL given in STEP 4, head over to the APKPure website and directly download and install Instagram Lite on your device. After installing it, if you head over to Play Store, it would still show you that this app is not available in your country. But just above it, you will get the option of opening the same app. It seems that the Play Store has been tricked, for once!

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