How to Make Google Assistant Read News to You

Google has just added a new way that your Google Assistant can read the news to you. Well, they did it a couple of days ago but, whatever. This new thing is called News Update, very imaginative, I know. The aim is to provide you with a better, more personalizes news rather than a stream of audio of someone reading random news, as it did until a few days ago. News Update does to your Google Assistant news delivery what Google Search has basically one to search. Or it tries to, at least. The way you can make your Google Assistant read the news to you is still the same.

Google revealed this new update on their blog called The Keyword. According to the company, “a smarter way to listen to the news hosted by the Google Assistant.” The search giant has partnered up with several publishers over the past two years. They’re the ones who will be adapting their news delivery to Google’s wishes, after all, so that you can be served better. There are several publishing partners all over the world including USA Today, The Washington Post, Fox News Radio, Cheddar, The Associated Press, Politico, Al Jazeera, and The Motley Fool.

News Briefings are now News Update.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “wait, I thought Google Assistant could read the news already?” then you’re right. As mentioned before, this is not a brand new feature, it would be a shame if it was. This is 2019, after all. News Update is an updated, improved version of the existing News Briefings feature. If you’ve ever asked your Google Assistant to read the news, you know how it just plays audio from your favorite news sources and it starts reading the news in the most boring way possible.

Google Assistant News briefing

When you make Google Assistant read the news now, you’ll have to choose particular sources. You can then hear hourly news updates from a particular source, then another, then another. It works a bit like a News playlist. Your News Update will pool a number of these sources and more to create your own personal news update. This news update then includes stories from a number of different sources. The news and sources, as mentioned before, are personalized to your tastes rather than being random. How well personalized? That’s a different question. But it’s Google so we can only expect it to learn and get better.

How To Make Google Assistant Read News To You

To start receiving news updates, you’ll need to update to the latest version of Google Assistant. You can easily do this by updating the Google App from the Play Store, in case there is a pending update. It’s more than likely you already are on the latest version by now. Open Google Assistant, and go to Settings. Next, under the You tab, click News and then Change Your Playlist Format. Once you check Your News Update, you’re good to go. All that is left is to say this Google Assistant command, “Hey Google! Play me the news!” or you could just say, “Hey Google, play me the news” depending on the kind of person you are.

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