Instagram will Now Hide Posts with False Information

Social media apps are powerful tools to get information across quickly. However, this also means that there are a ton of posts with false information. To combat the spread of incorrect information, Instagram will now be hiding such posts with a warning message. The Facebook-owned image sharing platform is working with multiple third-party organizations to analyze the contents of images and videos.

Instagram’s fact-checking test was only being run in the U.S. However, it seems the test is expanding to other regions as well. This is because more users have been sharing screenshots of the ‘false information’ warning. Any content that is labeled ‘false information’ will not show up on the Explore page. Moreover, it would also be hidden if a user searches for its hashtag.

It seems Facebook is set on improving the type of content shared on its platforms. Since Instagram users will now also alert users if it detects a caption that is offensive. Nevertheless, here’s everything you need to know about how this implementation will affect you on Instagram.

How to view ‘False Information’ posts

Instagram False information label

If you’re interested in checking out the false information posts, then you can still do that. Each time you come across a post on Instagram that is hidden due to it being labeled as false information, tap on See Post. Once you tap on See post, you will be able to view the post as usual. Although, there will be a disclaimer ‘See why fact-checkers say this is false’. If you tap on that, you’ll be able to see the details as to why the fact-checkers claim the post is false.

Thus, this measure will allow users to understand why the post was labeled as false information. And would also be able to see the truth if the fact-checkers mention it in the More information section.

Who is exempt from fact-checking?

At present, politicians would not be scrutinized with the fact-checking drive. This decision has left many scratching their heads since politicians are part of a group that spread a lot of incorrect information. No ads or posts from politicians will be fact-checked by third-party fact-checkers.

How to appeal a false information rating

Thankfully, Instagram is providing an option for users to appeal a false information ration on their post(s). This is useful since not all posts that might be labeled as false information are actually false. It could be possible that the fact-checkers might get a couple of details wrong.

To appeal a false information rating on your post(s) tap on the Heart (notifications) icon. Then tap on the false information notification and tap on Full fact-check. Now tap on the option to Send them an email. In the email, you have to provide enough evidence to prove that your post does not consist of any untrue information. Of course, appealing a false information rating does not guarantee that the label will be removed.

Moreover, this option would only appear on posts that are eligible for appeal. Thus, if a post on Instagram consists of wrong or bogus information without a doubt, it will not be eligible for appeal.

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