Use These Tips to Have Full Control Over Instagram Ads

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Ads are infamously given the title of being the necessary evil. Necessary for the apps and websites, and evil for the consumers. Blocking them completely is never a good idea and does more harm than good to these organizations. But what you could do is at least customize it as per your needs and requirements. One such app where we are turning our attention to is Instagram. In this image sharing platform, you might see ads in your Feeds and Stories section. They appear in the form of Sponsored Posts. In this guide, we will be detailing the steps to let you have full control over these Instagram ads. Let’s begin with this guide. Likewise, to manage Facebook ads here is your go-to guide.

Tips to Control Instagram Ads

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Instagram ads aka Sponsored Posts appear on your feeds as well as Stories. In this guide, we will be detailing steps on how to manage ads in both these sections. You could even act on the ads that you have previously viewed. With that said, here are tips to control Instagram ads.

While Browsing Feeds

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When you are browsing through your Instagram feed, you might notice several Sponsored posts. If you deemed anyone to be unsuitable for you, here is what you could do. Also, have a look at some of the useful Instagram tips and tricks.

  1. Inside the Instagram app, tap on the overflow menu next to that Sponsored Post.
  2. Now you have two options to chose from Hide Ad or Report Ad. The first option simply hides all related ads from your feeds from now on. You would further have to choose the reason for hiding this ad. The three options are It’s not relevant, I see it too often or It’s inappropriate.
  3. However if you wish the ad shows any violent or offensive content, consider reporting it. it might help other Instagram users as well. You have five different options to chose from in that case, as shown in the below image.

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That’s it. These were the tips to have full control over Instagram ads while browsing your feeds. However to control Sponsored posts in the Instagram’s Story section, just tap on the overflow menu and select the desired option, i.e. Hide Ad or Report Ad.

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Control Instagram’s Already Viewed Ads

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Till now, we discussed the tips to have full control over the ads that you will be witnessing in the near future. But what if you wish to act on an ad that you had recently viewed but didn’t know the steps at that point in time? Well, in that case, this is what you could do. On the other hand, you could now also add multiple images in a single Instagram story.

  1. Open the Instagram app and head over to your Profile.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu and select Settings from the menu.
  3. Next, tap Ads > Ad Activity.
  4. This will take you to the recently viewed Story and Feeds ads.
  5. The steps to follow now will be similar to what we discussed above, i.e. tap on overflow menu and select Hide Ad or Report Ad.

That’s it. With this, we conclude this guide on how to control your Instagram ads appearing on your Feeds and Stories section. Do let us know if you face any difficulties in executing the above steps.

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