WhatsApp Beta v2.19.315 Receives 74 New Emojis

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Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp Beta v2.19.315 has recently received an update that brings about 74 new emojis to the fore. This comes months after Unicode 12.0 was released. Google was first to implement it in Android 10 and now WhatsApp has followed the suit. From a mechanical arm to woolen garments, the emojis are included from different categories. If that doesn’t give you any notion of the variety, then the below list will definitely. Moreover, don’t forget to check out some cool WhatsApp sticker maker packs for your device.

WhatsApp Beta with 74 New Emojis

Some of WhatsApp Beta’s newly added emojis includes a yawning face, person on a wheelchair, person walking with a stick, woolen yarn, drop of blood, etc. Others included a dinosaur, new breeds of dogs, different variety of shoes, gloves, etc. There is something for the Indian users to rejoice as well. WhatsApp has added the famous Indian auto, a Diya for Diwali celebrations and a temple. Some scientific equipment has also seen an addition to this list. You could also find flamingo, garlic, onion, waffles.

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Moreover, in this same WhatsApp Beta app, apart from the new additions, few existing emojis have also got an addition. For example, earlier the emojis of two people holding hands were of three different racial colors. Now, this has been expanded to include three more multi-racial couples. If we consider them as well, then the total number of new emojis in WhatsApp is sure to cross the 100 level mark. So download the WhatsApp Beta from the below section to get yourself acquainted with these new emojis. Or you may also have a look at all of these emojis from the Unicode website.

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The stable version of WhatsApp is yet to get acquainted with these new emojis. If you want, you may join the beta-testing group and subsequently download the beta version from Play Store. Or, cutting things short, you may directly sideload WhatsApp Beta v2.19.315 from the APKMirror website to get your hands on these new emojis.

Other Updates

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Keeping these new emojis in the latest WhatsApp Beta aside, there is some good news for the dark mode enthusiasts. It seems the app is leaving a few hints here and there for us to rejoice with. The latest news is regarding the WhatsApp widget receiving the dark mode. To try it out, head over to the homepage and long press on the screen. Select the Add widget option. Scroll until you reach the WhatsApp section and drag and place it anywhere on your screen. You will now see the entire WhatsApp widget has adopted the dark mode. So if this is anything to go by, then it seems WhatsApp Dark Mode is just around the corner.

With that, we conclude this article on WhatsApp Beta receiving 74 new emojis. On a side note, these emojis will only be visible to the users who have updated their WhatsApp to this latest beta version. If they haven’t done yet, share this guide with them for a seamless WhatsApp experience. Likewise, do stick with us for more WhatsApp tips, tricks, and news.

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