Where does Amazon Music download to Android?

Android users know the problem when it comes to their downloads. Where did it go? Did I just download a virus? What happened to my download? Music, data, and photos are the most commonly downloaded things on an Android phone. If you love music, this location problem could be an even bigger issue for you.


With that, below are some solutions on how you can locate files you downloaded using Amazon Music:


They May Be Hidden Files

There are many aspects of your Android phone that depend on ‘hidden files’. A lot of Android users report locating their Amazon Music in hidden folders as hidden files.

Using the “Show Hidden Files” option, you may find that it is on your SD card as a hidden file:



Check The Settings Of Your Amazon Music App

You must check your application settings. This is so you know where the basic folder is. How do you do this?

  • Open your Amazon Music App.
  • Check on the Menu where you will find Settings.
  • Click on the Settings which is the gear wheel.
  • You should find the option to open Storage Location.
  • You should find either an Internal or an External option.


If the set is External, you will find your files in CardAndroidMediacom.Amazon.mp3

If it is Internal, you will find your files in



The Location May Also Depend On Your Phone

One thing that you have to consider also is your phone kind. There are different folder locations per phone that you must look at.

Some examples of usual locations per phone kind are the following:

For a Galaxy S5 with Android Marshmallow/6.x, most users are required to use a My Files manager so they can easily locate the files.


For Google Pixel users, the location is often at Pixel/Android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/Music

For the individuals who are using a Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge, you may find your .m4a files in the following location:


My Files>Device Storage>Android>Data>com.amazon.mp3>files>Music

It is also possible to use a file manager. On this end, you can use “My Files” to launch the file explorer on the device. You would then need to choose on the drop-down menu to find the music you are looking for.


If you own an HTC 610 Desire, it is highly probable that your Amazon music files are stored on your SD card. If you purchased whole albums, your folder location is in the following:

PCHTC Desire 610SD cardAndroiddatacom.amazon.mp3filesMusicPublic


For those using a root explorer, the location is in the following:



If you have a KitKat Motorola Photon Q, the path may be in the following form:



Your Amazon Music downloaded tracks store to internal device path :

/storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/music > PrimePlaylist (for downloaded playlists)


The external device path are as follows:

/storage/ext_sd/android/data/com.amazon.mp3/files/music > primeplaylist (for downloaded playlists)


Use A File Manager App

You may also need to use a file manager application to prevent problems with locating your files. Below is a complete list of the potential locations of your files:


For your downloaded videos:

You should consider the internal path with the path:

internal storage/android/data/com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient



For the audio downloads you may, they are located in:



Amazon Prime Folder

If you have downloaded music, you can also do Chromecast. The location of the exported files is always on the Amazon Prime folder.


Recorded Files

If you did not download the files and you download them instead, you can save them in any format. They will be in your usual files folder.


Download App Folder

If you feel like you want a good file location, you should use a download app manager. This is the best choice in case you want to have a good hold on your downloads. The following are the best app folders that you may try the following:

  • TunePat Amazon Music Converter – this music converter is a popular choice when it comes to downloading Amazon music and converting them into readable files. You can download the files on your desktop and make it work.

  • Amazon Music Downloader – this app is named after Amazon but it is not at all an Amazon Music affiliate. Use this downloader if you can handle the interface.

  • Cinch Audio Recorder – in case you want to record audio, you need this application. It would be easy to do and will definitely save you time converting and recording.

  • AudFree – another great app to record audio, it is perfect for non-techny individuals whose main goal is to ensure that they would just have music to play.

No Need To Locate

Keep in mind, if you allow offline listening on your Amazon Music app, there is no need to locate the files. You do not need to download all your music especially because of copyright issues.


On Copyright Protection

Remember: even if you are able to download music on the Amazon Prime application, they would be in an extremely encrypted format. Users may not copy original music files from Amazon and may only play them on Amazon encrypted music players.


A Lot Of Solutions

With the above solutions on how you can download Amazon Music to Android as well as how you can locate them, you can easily see that there is a lot more to your Android phone that you should know about. Keep your phone updated so that bugs are fixed!

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